Air Conditioning

We have the latest equipment to service your air conditioning, to ensure it’s performing to the original manufacturer’s operating parameters. Our air conditioning services start from £54 (inclusive of Vat) for a re-gas and the process involves recovering the old refrigerant to ensure it’s not released to the atmosphere.

If the system is empty of gas, we will first pressurise with Oxygen Free Nitrogen, (OFN) to 150psi. The purpose of this is to check for leaks. If any leaks are detected, we will then have to carry out the necessary repairs before we can re-gas the system.

If no leaks are found, we will create a vacuum in the system for 30 minutes to cleanse it of impurities. If repairs have been carried out, then the system will be held in vacuum for a minimum of 1 hour to clean the system of impurities.

After the vacuum stage we will refill with the correct amount of refrigerant and oil, then pressure check the system.

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Odour Elimination

Does your car fill with unpleasant odours when you switch on the Air Conditioning? This is caused by a build-up of microbes, such as mould and bacteria, on the evaporator inside the car, but we have a remedy for this!

We use an ultrasonic nebulising machine, designed to atomise a specialist antibacterial fluid that is distributed through the air conditioning circulation system, neutralising the contaminants causing the offensive smells. To complete the treatment takes about half an hour, depending upon the location of the pollen filter, which needs to be removed before the treatment commences.

Keeping your air conditioning system in optimum condition will help keep you cool in summer, will prevent the windows misting when it rains and will prevent a drop in fuel economy caused by the air con pump having to work harder to maintain the temperature setting.